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Word & Character Counter

Count words & characters in real time


To create a text, it can be useful to know the exact number of words or characters. This can be helpful for example for the exact billing of professionally created texts or when writing blog texts with a required minimum number of words.


In SEO, our counter helps you to design the Titles & Descriptions of web pages in the optimal length so that they do not appear shortened in the search results.


Find more information in section SEO: Length for titles & descriptions below.



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How to use the real time counter?


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Number of words:
Characters (no spaces):
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Number of spaces:

Count words & charcaters of a text


SEO: Length for titles & descriptions


Title (maximum 62 characters):


The title is the figurehead of every web page, which applies to the start page and all important subpages. It appears in bold type in the top line of the Google™ search results. The most important keyword of the page should be placed as far to the left as possible in the title, as this is where it works best for the ranking. Always choose a meaningful title and avoid boring enumerations to get more clicks from users.


To ensure that the title appears completely in the search results, you should not exceed a maximum of 62 characters.


Description (maximum 154 characters):


The description appears in the search results below the title and informs the user what to expect when visiting this page. The quality of this text often determines whether the user clicks on this result and really wants to visit this page. The description should therefore also be as meaningful as possible and briefly and accurately describe the contents of the respective page.


Keyword enumerations are also counterproductive here, as the user expects an easy-to-read text with the most important information. Call-To-Action phrases like "visit us" or "get more information" are also very effective for more clicks and visits.


To avoid the text being shortened in the search results, you should not exceed a maximum of 154 characters.


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